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Sales Terms and Conditions

Opening period: from 6 March 2021 to 14 November 2021

  • 1. All bookings imply the acceptance of the Village rules and are regstered
  • 2. Options (by telephone or mail) are valid for 10 days.
  • 3. The booking will only be valid after a deposit payment: 25% amount of total stay + 2€10€/night for cancellation insurance (optional) A confirmation will be sent to you either per mail or post. The chalet number will be given only for information and does nos constitute a guarantee.
  • 4. Any arrivals that do not correspond to the signed contract will not be accepted and the amounts paid will be retained.
  • 5. At least one adult per chalet
  • 6. Balance of payment : must be paid at the latest one month before arrival date. Arrivals/departures : a minimum of 7 nights reservation during the high season, arrivals from 15h and departure before 9h.
  • 8. Late arrival : should you be late the chalet will be kept available for a period of 24 hours. After this deadline, unless notification has been received in writing from you, the reservation will be cancelled with no refund (even with cancellation insurance). The management reserves the right to relet the chalet concerned.
  • 9. Cancellations : no reduction will be made in case of late arrival or early departure.

We must be informed in writing of all cancellations either by post, faxe or mail. Telephone messages are nos accepted as a notification ; the cancelling insurance is option (2€10€/night) and enables you to be reimbursed (except booking fees aind cancelling insurance) in the case of illness or accident (cf. general terms for insurance) ; this must be takin out at the time you make your reservation.

Without insurance, the amounts paid will be retained.


Would you please contact us for more details

All guarantees and detail’s are available from the insurance company by request (SADA Assurances – Siege Social : 4 Rue Scatisse 30934 NIMES cedex 9 / In the event of a complaint please contact: ENTORIA TSA 15234, 92308 EVALLIOS-ERRET Cedex / email

This insurance is optional.

It covers the consequences of cancellation or interruption of your stay.

Before and during your stay, this insurance covers the following events (please provide the documentary evidence) : death of beneficiairy, his/her spouse or children – serious illness of benficiary, his/her spouse, parents or children – accident or theft of your vehicule or caravan on the direct route to the place where you are staying – serious material damage to home (main place of residence) – redundancy.

Advise the Village management by letter within 24 hours (later then this, coverage is lost), of you becoming aware of an event that prevents or interrupts your stay. Provide necessary written evidence in your letter.


Occupants er chalet: maximum 7 persons, at least one of them must be over 18 years old. Noise : Please respect others sleeping hours. Cleanliness chalets and surrounding’s must be kept clean. It is forbidden to dump waste or bottles. Litter & recyclying bins provided Guest’s : Must be declared visito’s vehicles must stay outside the village. Animals : All animals must be vaccinated, kept on a lead & be presented to the reception (vaccination book & passport) dogs 1ère et 2ème catégorie forbidden. Thefts : The management declines any responsibility in case of theft.

Close to the beach
Open from 28 March
to 14 November
25 chalets

2013-08-08 18.30.01chardonAccès direct à la plage au village vacances océan près de Bordeaux

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Village de l’océan
5 rue de la Forêt

Tel : +33.(0)5 57 70 48 39 – Fax : +33.(0)5 57 70 47 35
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